We’re pleased to announce the release of the ChangeFund founder’s first book; titled “Change – Time To Evolve“.  Our mission here at ChangeFund is to be the change we want to see in the world.  We believe that business should do a hell of a lot more than it currently is.  Profits should never be the sole focus of any endeavour – it leads to narcissistic behaviour, exploitation and damage in both social and environmental ways.  We need to do better.

That’s why the founder of Changefund, Kyle Meloche, wrote this book.  To provide our company with a clear mission, and to inspire more entrepreneurs and businesses to follow suit.  That said, this book isn’t just for business folk; it’s written with everyone in mind.

Book Cover for Change - Time To EvolveBook Description:

An honest and visionary book that glimpses into the future and offers a pragmatic alternative to a seemingly bleak future.  This is a must read for all people who want to be a part of a better future.  It’s an action plan direct to people who watch documentaries like Thrive Movement, Zeitgiest or Four Horsemen.

We all know our current systems aren’t working; we’ve seen the documentaries, we’ve read the books and we have the tee shirts.  The good news is we can change it.  Here’s the roadmap, right in these pages.  In this book, we recap the problems were facing – but far more importantly, exactly how we can resolve them.

Download the Book For Free

We are offering our followers and customers the chance to download this book for free.  We see it as a gift; we are giving it away to galvanize people into action around the world.  We are doing something we believe can have a positive impact on the world – everyone should be working towards that common goal!

Go to the new ChangeBusiness website to download the book now.