Help yourself while you help others.  We can help you  get the most out of your investment and help others. Fund loans for those with great credit on amounts between $100 and $60,000.


Every investment you make has an impact on the world. 
The companies you invest in, the banks where you deposit your money – all of these decisions have a social, environmental and financial impact.  ChangeFund is the world’s first financial institution that considers all of these factors to be important.

easy to use

We have a quick and easy application process. We will need to verify your identity. You can then build your portfolio by searching for individual loans that meet your criteria. 


safe & secure

Your details are kept encrypted and your money is held in an intermediary trust account.  This ensures that your cash remains yours up until it funds loans.  Money then comes back into your trust account for you to withdraw or reinvest.

Flexibility and choice

What suits you best? Loans can be 3 or 5 year terms and you can choose your payment frequency. .


Peer-to-peer allows for investors to receive more margins by investing directly into personal loans.  Investors choose their loans, and importantly, their interest rate.


ChangeFund is a fully licenced Peer to Peer Lending Institution with the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand.   

Our platform is heavily regulated to ensure that New Zealanders are never put at risk.  Investors choose the level of investment and the loans they fund so they are in control.

Put your money to work

The finance industry is going through a revolution where investors are being given a good return.  Peer-to-peer lending in New Zealand has paid investors over $100 million in interest.  Low interest is so 2015, get invested in creditworthy Borrowers and earn great returns.  


The ChangeFund Provision Fund helps protect against missed borrower repayments and defaults, All investments have risks and our provision fund steps in provided there are sufficient funds available.

WhY people borrow

Research shows the average Peer-to-peer borrower is a homeowner wanting to consolidate their debt with good credit scores.

Debt Consolidation

Halfing credit card debt can make a big impact on a person’s finances.


Borrowers often get loans to rennovate or improve their homes.

Holiday Expenses

Holiday trips are fun, but the don’t come cheap.  Borrowers can get away sooner.

Vehicle Purchase

Borrowers who need to get from A to B don’t always have the cash to buy.


This is a unique opportunity to invest ethically and earn great returns.  Multiple studies show ethical investment often provide higher returns than the competition in most markets.  You can earn more while making a positive impact.  That’s making change.

Latest News

The ChangeFund team has been working for years to bring New Zealand the world’s first social enterprise Peer To Peer Lending Platform. With the help of everyday Kiwi’s, we believe we can change the world. For the better, together.

Babies, Weddings & ChangeFund Launches

It's been a busy the past few years for the ChangeFund team -  we saw our CEO get married, our COO and her husband Tod had their second child, we had family trips to Europe, 100km ultramarathons and one of our team members living in Asia for 10 months to focus on...

Changefund’s Founder Writes New Book

We're pleased to announce the release of the ChangeFund founder's first book; titled "Change - Time To Evolve".  Our mission here at ChangeFund is to be the change we want to see in the world.  We believe that business should do a hell of a lot more than it currently...