Our Mission


Our Company Values

ChangeFund’s mission is to take back finance by building a people powered movement.

Our first mission is to change the way we fund.
Our second mission is to change the world.

Our people powered movement puts people first, profit second.

We will donate a portion of our revenue and profits to charities and other social enterprises.

Our success as a company will be measured by how well we achieve that mission, not by the size of our profits. That’s why ChangeFund is being set up as a social Enterprise.

ChangeFund is committed to charity & to our community

ChangeFund will always support, serve, and champion charities and social enterprise, especially those working in transparent ways.

ChangeFund will foster a supportive environment for employees to work on their own creative projects, including time off to pursue them.

ChangeFund pledges 33% of its revenue and a further 50% of its net profits to be devoted to charity programs and further social enterprises, with a primary focus on underserved communities in New Zealand.  Funds will be distributed to non-profit organisations or via programs developed by ChangeFund.


ChangeFund supports a more fair and equitable world

ChangeFund will always ensure that people come first. We will reduce our margins as much as possible. We will always allow our clients to invest over wholesale business.

We will hire a diverse team of employees with equal pay for genders while respecting our differences. We commit to hiring 50/50 gender balance for management roles.

ChangeFund is committed to fighting inequality

ChangeFund will provide opportunities and paid time off for employees to provide professional mentorship and skills training to people from groups underrepresented in the worlds of art, business, or technology.

ChangeFund will report on team and leadership demographics, executive and CEO pay ratios, and programs and strategies employed to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization.

ChangeFund’s mission is to help democratise finance

ChangeFund will create a platform and resources that help people take more control of their finances, and that connect people around peer-to-peer lending in a democratic and mutually beneficial way.

ChangeFund will care for the health of its financial ecosystem and the integrity of its systems.  ChangeFund will engage beyond its financial scope with the greater issues and conversations affecting investors and borrowers.

ChangeFund will be environmentally focused

ChangeFund will seek to limit environmental impact. It will invest in green infrastructure, support green commuting methods, and factor environmental impact when choosing vendors.  We will seek to always be a paperless company with the aim of being 100% carbon neutral (ideally negative) within our first 24 months of operating.

ChangeFund’s operations will reflect its values

ChangeFund will never sell user data to third parties. It will zealously defend the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use its service, including in its dealings with government entities.

ChangeFund’s terms of use and privacy policies will be clear, fair, and transparent. ChangeFund will not cover every possible future contingency, or claim rights and powers just because it can or because doing so is industry standard.

ChangeFund will not lobby or campaign for public policies unless they align with its mission and values, regardless of possible economic benefits to the company.

ChangeFund will not use loopholes or other esoteric but legal tax management strategies to reduce its tax burden. ChangeFund will be transparent in reporting the percentage of taxes it pays and explaining the many factors that affect its tax calculation.

Our Company Pledge


Purpose and Vision

Our organization is clear about why it exists and where it is headed.   We want to help our customers achieve financial independence while supporting charities and social enterprise to create a positive impact on our community.  This purpose acts as our guidance system and disciplines our direction.



Say goodbye to the “secret society” of banks.  We will always ensure we are transparent and open with our customers and employees about the financial health, strategy, and agenda of our organization.


Dialogue + Listening

Instead of the top-down monologue or dysfunctional silence that characterizes most workplaces, Changefund aspires to set a democratic organization that is committed to having conversations that bring out new levels of meaning and connection.  Both with our customers, and our employees.


Fairness + Dignity

ChangeFund is committed to fairness and dignity, not treating some people like “somebodies” and other people like “nobodies.”.  We’re all in this together.



It’s important that we be crystal clear about who is accountable to whom and for what.


Individual + Collective

In democratic organizations, the individual is just as important as the whole, meaning employees are valued for their individual contribution as well as for what they do to help achieve the collective goals of the organization.



ChangeFund thrives on giving our people powered movement choice.  This means we provide our customers, employees and even the general public meaningful choices.  Which charities should we support?  Should we invest in other social enterprises?  You help us decide.



Integrity is the name of the game, and we want to have a lot of it.  We understand that freedom takes discipline and also doing what is morally and ethically right.



This is one of our biggest aims.  We are ensuring that power is appropriately shared and distributed among people.  This means constantly doing our best to reduce margins, costs and centralisation of power.


Reflection + Evaluation

ChangeFund is committed to continuous feedback and development and are willing to learn from the past and apply lessons to improve the future.  We welcome feedback from all parties.

Want to join our people powered movement?

To build a people powered movement, we need you.  We need your opinions, your vote and your suggestions.  To start, go to our community page.  We are starting our mission by democratically choosing our charities; by leaving it to our community.

Here you can suggest charities and vote on other charities you think we should support.